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Headshots by vampiricpaladin756
Most of these are from a rp inspired by Brothers Conflict in which through adoption and biological means Satoru and Junpei have 13 children. So much universe-mixing.
From Left to Right

Row 1: 
    Taki: Aki's significant other (RP)
    Kyta: Naoto's significant other, Kyoya and Tamaki's son (RP)
    Nikolai: Souji's significant other. Third child of Alucard and Integra (RP) 
    Chie: Midori's wife, a voice actress (RP)
    Rin: Jun's significant other. He is a pop star. (RP)

Row 2:
    Ikuei: Junpei's best friend and Koji's significant other, son of Ichigo and Byakuya. (RP)
    Haruka: Squad 11 member, Iori's husband, and Hiroki's boyfriend. (RP)
    Ken: Jiro's nurse and significant other. (RP)
    Iori: Squad 11 member, Haruka's "husband" (wife), and Hiroki's "boyfriend" (girlfriend) (RP)
    Kazuki: The third oldest son, adopted by Satoru and Junpei along with his siblings after the death of their biological parents. (RP)

Row 3:
    Souji: One of the triplets, biologically Satoru and Junpei's. Koji's identical twin. He's a rock star along with his brother. (RP)
    Hiroki: The fourth son, adopeted by Satoru and Junpei after Junpei found him barely alive after his mother was attacked by a hollow. He is a fullbringer and a erotic manga writer. He is also half-French. (RP)
    Naoto: The youngest child, adopted along with his siblings after the death of their biological parents. He's very serious about badmiton. (RP)
    Mitsuyo: One of Satoru and Junpei's biological children. He takes after his grandfather. He models. (RP)
    Azusa: One of the four boys adopted by Satoru and Junpei after the death of their biological parents. He is a voice actor and is very much in love with his Satori-nii. (RP)

Row 4:  
    Aki(hiko): One of the triplets, biologically Satoru and Junpei's. She lives as a bi-gendered individual, assigned male at birth but presents female. She's the pop-star Akio. (RP)
    Jun: The youngest girl, biologically Satoru and Junpei's. (RP)
    Koji: One of the triplets, biologically Satoru and Junpei's. Souji's identical twin. He's a rock star along with his brother. They kind of play like the Hitachiin twins from OHSHC. (RP)
    Midori: A game designer and one of Satoru and Junpei's biological children. (RP)
    Jiro: The oldest of the four siblings adopted by Satoru and Junpei. He is a doctor. (RP)

Row 5:
    Satori: The oldest biological son. He is a lawyer and loves his Azu-chan very much. (RP)
    Malika: The oldest child, biologically Satoru and Junpei's. She is a high school teacher, married to the history teacher. (RP)
    Dask: Is not from the RP but I had nowhere else to put him. He is a Dungeons and Dragons character, the son of Nimatas and an incubus (Nimatas had been turned into a woman at the time.) He is a cleric and attempts to supress his sexual nature but finds it hard to do when he is around a certain someone. (D&D)
    (Sova)Liss: Another D&D character. He is a lanky undertaker who falls for Iris, the bright happy-go-lucky daughter of Ophelia and Ialor. In order to follow her and build a family with her and their adopted son, he moves from his home deep in the desert to Belmore lake. He is undead touched and can sense the undead in a close vicinity, making him very uncomfortable in Belmore lake at first due to the high population of vampires and dhamphir. (D&D)
Zephyr by vampiricpaladin756
Zephyr Bates, former student and current chairman of the Bates Academy for the Gifted and the England Branch of the Bates Labarotories. Zephyr is probably nearest and dearest to my heart as he's a transboy too. Born Arianna Bates, he finally came out to his parents his third year of school. They accepted him and allowed him to start transitioning.

He is a purebred air elemental, but he has also undergone bioengineer and can somewhat manipulate time.

He is currently engaged to a third year student, Ayame.

He's from India.
Mariko by vampiricpaladin756
Genderbent AKB0048 Mariko. It's a design idea for me and another male friend who fell in love with the show and want to cosplay. We don't want to crossplay. I'm not secure enough in my masculinity and to be frank, he would make one ugly girl. (I've seen him in a blond wig. It wasn't a pretty sight. Still love him though.)
Menage by vampiricpaladin756
Ianis and Shojiro showering their Masa-hime with affection. Just a happy trio.


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United States
I'm a 26 year old (oh kami, I'm old!!!) graduate with a history degree with a dream to go into costume design eventually. I'm currently a slave to the whims of entitled other words, a server.

Current Residence: MS
Favourite genre of music: Gothic Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime & Realism
Operating System: Windows 8
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Jyuushiro Ukitake
Personal Quote: "What I shoulder may be heavy. Still I hope to be the one who remains smiling" ~Ukitake
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Ok guys...lots and lots of updates.

My wife and I are now legally married!!! And have been for over a month. It's nice to finally have that piece of paper that forces everyone to recognize what me, my wife, and our friends have known for almost five years.

I'm still serving but I'm actively trying to be moved around in the company.

We might be moving back to the city where our Alma Mater is, which would totally be awesome!!!

I'm about to start T!!! That means finally being able to pass as a male.

Oh, & apparently I have strep right now.

Anyways, I'll get around to updating my art some day.

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