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I'm a 25 year old (oh kami, I'm old!!!) graduate with a history degree with a dream to go into costume design eventually. I'm currently going back to school for cosmetology.

Current Residence: Margaritaville
Favourite genre of music: Gothic Rock
Favourite photographer: Shawn Dickey
Favourite style of art: Anime & Realism
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Jyuushiro Ukitake
Personal Quote: "What I shoulder may be heavy. Still I wish to be the one who remains smiling" ~Ukitake
That never ends....
It goes on and on my friends!
Some people started playing and...

Yeah, well you get the picture. I decided that- read Masa decided- that it was high time for Ianis to find a cure for his brother so I devised a plan of an in-game 10 year long campaign of these two fifteen year old boys traipsing through the Orient, befriending lords of provinces in order to to receive a single cherry blossom picked by the lord's hand. This is also a race against time since they entered into an agreement with a "face-stealer"- who is, unknown to them, a tainted spellcaster- that whoever collects the 25 blossoms & the first fallen blossom from the imperial city receives from the other party, the second half of the spell required to cast a very complicated wish spell that will heal the literal hole in Alexis', Ianis' twin brother, heart.

Masa's such a temperamental little diva! Already, after only "one year" he has decided that he has a propensity to cross-dress (ok I admittedly should have seen this one coming as he cross-dressed on their first adventure to hitch a ride to a town), must be a geisha (despite growing up hearing his father warn not to get involved with them), & decided that he's perfectly ok with a balanced menage-a-trois with a man a good ten years older than them (yes, I know this is D&D but both Ianis and Masa are effectively human as far as current age and mental state).

Of course, I really want to draw him with his two loves, but I'm being- and now we get to the heart of this post- driven so hard to crank out adventure after adventure, trying to keep a moody 19 recent high-school graduate entertained. I'm so creatively and mentally drained it's not even funny. I just want to be able to enjoy my summer off!

Ok sorry about the whine fest. All in all it's not that bad if I think about the fun times we've had on this campaign...(Don't' judge. I mixed so much of Japanese history it's not even funny. It's all for fun though.)

Party goes on fishing trip, dressing one female up as a mute boy in order to gain passage. They would have angered the lord if it had not been for the massive amount of fish they hauled in, but as punishment for bringing a female aboard his ship and upsetting his sailors, sends them on a mission to clear out a horde of kappa. Me, as a DM, tired of hackey-hackey Daenerys Targaryen rip-off (played by my sister, who was a lvl. 5 at the time with a +5 scimitar & +3 adamantine armor forged by one of her former party members as well as a cloak of charisma +2, circlet of persuasion, & a bag of holding IV...any experienced players will note that this is an absurd amount of magical items for a 5th level character, I mean at level 3 mine & my wife's are playing with masterwork equipment)...anyways, tired of every monster I've thrown at them so far have been easily dispatched by mostly attacking the one with the hackey armor & failing while the tank of a cleric Ianis knocks out huge chunks of their HP, I throw a half-black dragon kappa at them. This proved to be a significant challenge as they almost died but they overcame it. They bring the head of this giant horned kappa into the lord's war room/captain's quarters and throws it onto his table in front of a visiting war lord. The visiting warlord, so impressed with their display of bravado, challenges Ianis to a sparing matching. Using only bokken, they fight, the lord holding back as he knows he's more skilled and will most certainly win. However, he doesn't, and barely scraping by, Ianis brings the warlord to his knees. Impressive but not that funny until later...
The party is camping outside a dungeon after going in and almost getting drained of their strength completely when at the request of my wife to shut my sister up about always having to play her characters' own love interest (it's only natural that despite our best intentions to do otherwise, my wife's characters and mine are intrinsically drawn to each other), I introduce the Eroka Regulatory Squad, loosely based on the Shinsengumi & more based on the Shinshengumi of Hakouki thus giving me an easy personality and description reference. While they are camping with the party for the night, through much drink and revelry, it is revealed that Ianis bested Lord Gou of Dai, a fearsome and reckless young warlord already known for his battle prowess. Shojiro (loosely based on Hajime Saito from Hakouki), an Iaijutsu master (drawing of the sword so quickly that it in and of itself is an attack) challenges him to a duel, no restraints, using only the backside of their katana (Ianis borrows one at this point). I figure that Shojiro will easily knock this character who is 5 levels lower than him out with one draw of his katana. (I even, as a mean DM, give him all the advantage of using his Iaijutsu strike.) Needless to say, I roll crap & while he does hit and does a considerable amount of damage, he barely makes a dint on him. Ianis' turn. He deals out an appropriate amount of damage for his level. This is going to be easy. Shojiro strikes again, dealing much less damage due to the loss of his Iaijutsu bonus since Ianis is no longer flat-footed. Ianis' turn. He crits Shojiro knocking a 10th level samurai/Iaijutsu master out cold in two strikes, & so I sit there with a dumb-founded look on my face until I decide there's nothing left to do but laugh & so the rest of the squad joins in while Ianis frantically tries to heal the nonlethal damage he's caused & fretting the whole time about how Shojiro will wake up and kill him in the middle of the night for dishonoring him. Cue constant antics by Ianis over the thought that he's signed his own death warrant. Shojiro, on the other hand, feels as though he's made a life-long companion as Ianis is the only person to have ever beaten him so soundly, and has even offered to mentor Ianis in the way of Iaijutsu.

Now that I've bored you with my lame D&D story, I think my download is almost complete & I can get some more sleep. 

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